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3 Most Common Problems of a Teenager and Their Solutions

Teenage years are years filled with identity struggles and lots of confusion for you child. Most of the times, parents do not understand what is teenage problemsgoing on with their children and how to best solve their problems. Among all these confusion, here are the three most common problems of a teenager and how to solve them:

Teenage Problem No 1: Appearance

Most parents will agree that this should top the list of problems facing teenagers especially girls. The problem grows worse if the teenage child has to cope with skin diseases such as acne. During this time, the teenage child is constantly struggling to have the perfect body, to be recognized and appreciated in appearance.

How does a parent solve teenage appearance problems? The first thing you need to do as a parent is to restore the self-confidence of your teen child in his looks. Always be assuring and let your teenage know how great he/she looks. Let the child know that what she sees on TV is not all about looks.

Even as you encourage, try and treat any skin diseases your teenage child may have. Encourage your teenager to avoid unhealthy foods which may lead to more body problems. Eating healthy will lead to a healthy skin and avoidance of obesity.

Teenage Problem No 2: Peer Pressure

Peer pressure tops the list of the most common problems facing young boys and girls. The problem is that peers force teenage children to do things they would otherwise not to do by themselves. Because of peer pressure, many teenagers have messed up their present and future lives through early pregnancies, incurable diseases, drug and substance abuse among many others.

How do you help your teen child wade through this? Well, you need to explain the child what peer pressure is and help your child develop a personal identity. Let your child know he/she is unique and special the way she/he is and that he does not need any approval from peers.

Teenage Problem No 3: Dating

Teenage years are years full of challenges for parents. One of the major challenges during this time is the dating problem. Your child wants to associate with those from the opposite sex but does not have enough sex education to be responsible.

Another problem is the increased flow of sex hormones within their bodies at this time and the increased inflow of misleading information regarding to sex. If not carefully handled, he may enter into teen stress and depression. The only way you are going to help your teenage child go through this stage is by educating him/her on body functions and sex. Let your child know it is normal to say no to sex and that there somethings that should not be a priority until the right time.

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