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HCG Drops Vs Injections

bigbottle_of_hcg_drops1There has been so much debate on hcg drops Vs injections. Some claim that using hcg drops is much better than hcg injections while others state that injections work better for hcg weight loss. So, which one is better for weight loss between hcg drops and hcg injections? Here are hcg drops vs injections facts you should know:

  • HCG Drops are more convenient than injections.

HCG drops when used well and with the right dieting plan, will most definitely provide sufficient weight loss for any individual desiring to lose weight. On the other hand, injections may need the guidance of a health expert on a daily basis.

Also, you do not need to inject yourself daily if you are on hcg diet drops weight loss plan. This shows how convenient using the drops are as compared to using injections. HCG injections are time consuming and will cost you lots of money if done by a health expert such as your personal doctor.

  • HCG Injections leaves bruises and marks on the skin

You may prefer injections to using hcg drops for weight reduction. However, come to think of it, hcg drops are taken for between three to six times a day, leave no mark and cause no pain. On the other hand, hcg injections are administered on a daily basis which result in temporary bruises which are visible to the eye. However, it is for you to decide whether you prefer the injection with its pain and bruises or hcg drops which has no pain nor bruises.

  • Method of application

The reality is that injections involve needles and hcg drops don’t. This makes the main difference between hcg drops and injections. Injections was the original method of administering hcg as was proposed by those who introduced hcg weight loss program. However, with the passing of time, HCG drops were also introduced to counter the complexity of using injections for hcg weight loss.

Imagine a situation where you are on an outing with friends and you have to take in an injection. What do you do? It can be quite embarrassing using injections in some situations. This is contrary to weight loss drops which can be used easily at any time without any embarrassment and skilled knowledge. However, both hcg injections and hcg drops when applied correctly, are effective in weight loss.

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